Energy Healing

Everything in the universe is comprised of energy - seen and unseen.  It is this vital life force that powers our body every single day of our lives.  

Daily stressors and unresolved issues can create disturbances in our energy system. 

Just as water flowing down a stream clears debris that has built up over time, energy healings help clear the "debris" in our subtle energy field (emotional, environmental, energy belonging to others), often revealing the larger issues that may need our attention. 

Energy healings involve the use of specific methods to help bring our subtle energy system back into balance and help support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Many clients report that energy healings have been a catalyst for change, leading to more self-awareness and clarity.   

Healings help restore a sense of calmness to the nervous system (e.g. the fight/flight/freeze response) and help reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma and depression.


Clients have provided feedback that as a result of healings received after surgery (for example, hip replacement and hand surgery) they experienced decreased pain and discomfort, deeper relaxation, better quality of sleep and faster healing. 

Sessions may include essential oils and take-home practices for continued well-being.

Distance healings are also available and have the same effect as a personal face to face session.

We also offer energy healings in combination with somatic psychotherapy sessions, as a way of further integrating our work together.


Cost:  $120 (60 mins)


For more information on how energy healings may support you, please contact Dana on 0447 007 267.



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