What is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Somatic psychotherapy is a mind-body practice.  We experience the world not only through our thoughts and emotions, but also through our bodies.  What affects our body, affects our mind and what affects our mind also affects our body.

When we are connected to the sensations that arise in our body, we can "know" when someone or something is not right for us.  It's like having an inbuilt radar that alerts us to danger, or to safety.   

Over time, through different life experiences, we can begin to lose contact with this inner radar, often using the logic of our minds to over-ride our deeper knowing. 

Without the wisdom of our body, we can find making decisions difficult, stay way too long in relationships that are not good for us or keep ourselves smaller than we need to be.  

All of our emotions, feelings and reactions begin and end as impulses in the body. 

The impulse to overeat, overspend, reach for stimulants, over-react or numb ourselves begins as an energetic impulse within the body – an instant somatic response to an uncomfortable emotion, feeling or particular set of circumstances (work, family commitments, financial concerns, relationship or health issues, amongst many others). 


Learning how to truly feel, understand and work with our emotions can be a turning point in our healing. 

Our emotions can often be overwhelming - in times of grief, loss, separation, trauma, financial crisis and other situations.  We can swing between overwhelm and numbness, rage and exhaustion.  Learning how to work with our emotions can be a turning point in our healing. 

Through becoming more aware of our body's unique signals, we can begin to create a deeper connection to ourselves.  We can begin to identify, and then gently free ourselves from old patterns and beliefs originating in the past, and allow more freedom and peace in the here and now.

Just because an experience has ended, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s over. 

The places we hold ourselves back can reveal the places we may have lost something vital - our confidence, our voice, our boundaries, our autonomy.   

Learning how to access what is strong in us is another turning point. 

We believe that each person is unique and contains within them deep wisdom that may be buried beneath beliefs, habits and life experiences.  We offer a supportive, heart-centered, non-judgemental presence to help clients begin to move through some of those restrictions and move towards a more authentic, empowered life.  Sometimes, we need help along the way - that's just how it is.

Somatic psychotherapy can include:


  • gentle movement - to begin to loosen and release tension held in our bodies - enabling us to begin to feel freer and more energised.  Every body is unique and each session is specific to your needs - you will never be asked to do anything that does not feel right for you and your body; 

  • gentle breathwork - to help soften blocks in the body, leading to a felt sense of relaxation (we will talk about blocks in our session so that you know exactly what this means);

  • grounding - to bring us more fully into the present moment, more aware of what we are experiencing in the here and now - not what we would PREFER to be experiencing, but what we ARE experiencing;

  • tracking our sensations as they arise in our body as we talk through issues of concern, leading to more understanding and insight.


Our clients

We proudly support the emotional health and well-being of women 21 + (including transgender and non-binary).

We provide a compassionate space to explore:

  • Stress | Anxiety

  • Grief | Loss

  • Sexuality | Gender Identity

  • Relationships

  • Trauma | PTSD

  • Self Esteem

  • Life transitions


Cost:  $120 (60 minutes)  (Some Private Health rebates may be available)


Is somatic psychotherapy for me?

There are many forms of therapy and no two therapists are alike.  We understand that.  We also know how difficult it can be to choose someone to talk to. 

You are welcome to contact us for a free 15 minute introductory conversation to find out if somatic psychotherapy is for you.


Please note:  We are unable to provide sessions under Mental Health Care plans.

- Dana and Elena



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